Hacks: Tayo’s Garage Game Mod Download APK v2.1.0

Hacks: Tayo’s Garage Game Mod Download APK v2.1.0
Tayo’s Garage Game is the game created by ICONIX with Education category, I’m sure you will enjoy the game, this game is so much fun and addictive to play in free time. Download and Play Tayo’s Garage Game Mod Version APK free Unlimited Resources v2.1.0

Tayo’s Garage Game is an edutainment app that kids can experience Tayo’s garage, repair shop, car wash and gas station appeared in the animation series ‘The Little Bus Tayo’ by playing mini games and simple activities.


1. Tayo’s garage
Replacing components and putting air in a tire.

2. Car wash
Making bubble, spraying water and drying windows.

3. Gas station
Feeding fuel and changing engine oil.

4. Drawing
Coloring Tayo and drawing whatever you want.

5. Driver’s license
Getting a license, selecting a license, collecting badges and checking level up process.

Let’s play Tayo’s interesting garage game and drive with mini buses!

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Whats’s new in Tayo’s Garage Game Mods Version?

  • unlimited Diamonds, Coins, Gems
  • unlimited Gold, Cash, Money
  • Double Exp
  • No Root Required
  • Unlock All Resources Cash Shop In-App purchases
  • Anti-bann system
  • Remove License Verification
  • No ads

How to Download Tayo’s Garage Game Mod APK

  1. Open download page for Mod Tayo’s Garage Game here 
  2. Select Google play
  3. In option country, please chose your region country
  4. Then type Tayo’s Garage Game in search bar
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Processing
  7. You need to verify to download mods apk file
  8. Verify with some simple step, install 2 apps or fill 1 simple survey
  9. Done, download button will unlock after you complete the verification

How to play

Download Tayo’s Garage Game Mod apk
Install it
Play it and Tayo’s Garage Game Modded / Hacked Version